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Well, its always good to clean up your code. So that what I was doing today, only thing interisting was that I was able to remove a base class that was totally useless. I didnt understand there were other ways to do what I wanted. So I made a class with nothing but pure virtual functions. So that everything would need to have a function so that it could collide with anything. Well, I dont move my planes, so I dont need to test them vs anything. So they dont need the functions. The AABBs only care about hitting a plane, so I dont need to test them vs a sphere. But the sphere alas does need to react with all the other collision types, so it has functions written to do them all. I also commented some more things, and fixed a few defaults.

But that was just the cleaning. I also decided to make something of a menu, to get me by. Well its horrible. I mean it. But it is a menu, and I have started to work in 3 game states. Menu,Game, and Exit. Its a long way from being a real usable menu, as far as a programmer is concerned. I want to work it into a class so it can handle a 'wrap-around' type menu effect, getting the menu to have some 3d element, and maybe a dynamic light too.

But thats for some other time. I just poured a whiskey, so say good bye to any more coding tonight. I should really update the download. Ok, done. Source and executable are up, enjoy. Do not use the Exit function on the menu, unless you want to close the window yourself anyways.

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