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Old RPG Game Added

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I updated the free games link above which now takes you to a free games page. I will use this to post more of my free games as I get around to it.

Today I added a mod of Jim Adams game entitled "The Tower". My game is called "Hero". It's a couple years old now so it's probably not my best work. If you follow the link above you will see the new game page and a link to the complete design document for the game which includes a link to download it at the bottom.

Things I'm proud of in this game include:
* All of the animations and char control scripting
* I wrote, performed, and recorded the main menu song and the goblin song
* The patience it took me to complete this game

There are some known gripes of course:
* Game can't recover from lost focus
* All animation aspects are frame based - if the frame rate drops below 30 all of the action slows down as well. Doh!
* The shadow volumes aren't optimized so they can be a little expensive to draw
* The she-bitch in the temple likes to implant herself into the columns

Controls are simple but read through the design doc for a complete list of them. The game runs in full screen mode (800x600) and has been tested running on quite a few computers. Be sure to look over the requirements for operation in the design doc before downloading it (5MB).

The game configures itself to your hardware on first run but you can change those setting by hitting F12 during normal game play.

Here's a pic:

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