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Local Journal

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Local Journal - WIP

the two-pane version of the journal i'm working with now looks much easier to find stuff with. i've made 15x15 icon gifs that line up to make an ok looking treeview structure. its certainly a better setup than last time, but i don't have any content for it to really shine with yet. i'm gonna be grabbing icons for special things (like the diablo folder) and using 'em, whee!

actually, i have to do a bit more work than i thought, by using 15x15 instead of 16x16. i should probably switch to 16x16, just to make my life easier. [working] there.

i just realized now that i'm going to have to decide whether to sort the categories from latest to oldest, or what. that seems to make the most sense.

omfg this hand-editing is getting cumbersome, at least for the categorized contents. i'm going to need to make a program to let me add new entries more easily. another todo for the future.. here's a shot of the frame right now:

notice on the 2nd diablo > inventory that i have a folder at the end of the link - its linked to the work folder for that day, for even easier access to my work. i'm not sure what could make the journal easier to navigate - its pretty damn slick, now. if you'd have seen the situation before, you'd probably have barfed all over the place. seriously.

when a section grows too large, its time to break it down. that's going to be easy to accomplish this way, i just add a few new folders and bam, easier navigation. right now there's just no reason to go 7 folders deep, even though 2 days worth of entries has alot of different information, there's just no reason to break it all up.

[edit: yeah, i'm using ie icons for html documents. i'm using Avant though, so its not that bad. DEAL WITH IT [razz]]

Local Journal - a Brief History

i was just explaining the whole treeview concept to jenn and how it was such an improvement over the old system. i thought i'd put it down here, just for future reference.

when i first started my journal a couple of years ago, i had a series of txt files, much like i started with here. after a couple of months worth of txt files, it was getting harder and harder to find info; i'd have to randomly pick a date and read through the journal entry and guess which one to pick next.

at that point, something had to be done. i created an html file that had grouped links to the txt files, sorted by date. it was easier to use than doing a manual search. since i had html on the mind, i also converted all of the txt files to html so that i could add links and pictures to my entries.

a long time after, after about 2 years of posts even that system started becoming unmanageable. i started adding subheaders to break sections into smaller sections, and it made it a little easier to navigate; but a vertical list of sections was getting ugly and harder to look at.

i'm not sure why i didn't do this before, because i already knew how to simulate treeview structure with images - i think i had done it before when i first had my geocities page.

anyways, thats my story. (and i'm stickin' to it.)
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