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Smiley Confusion

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there's this icon i've been using for a while, called [ razz ], [razz]. i used to think it was a red smiley that was rubbing his chin in evil thought. apparently though, thats a tongue there. WELL. i liked having an evil thinker, so i'm going to make my own. i'll be using UnFREEz to form the animated gif, and windows paint to make the frames. [working]

the razz gif is 15x15 (err, thats what i thought i needed to use for SOMETHING.. [grin]) so i should stick with that. i'll probably base the smiley on one of the other smileys available. [working]

ok 15x15 just isn't enough room for what i want. if i want to do the chinrub, i need more room under the face to move the hand. i tried to do it in the 15x15, but it just wasn't enough. [working]

ok i'm getting closer. since i can't have a smooth angular motion, i'm going to have to make the rub just go left to right and take the vertical right out. [working] yeah, i think that might do it. i used a frame delay of 25cs, its close enough. i just need to kill that extra space underneath now. [working]

first though, i wonder about the mouth. is it fine? [looking] yeah, thats what i thought. i'm turning down one edge. it looks better. [working] there we go. all done. all i need to do now is figure out how to make my gifs' backgrounds seethrough. hmm.. i wonder.. [grin]

err? hmm, turning down the edge actually didn't make it look as good at 1:1. i guess i was looking at the gif at 8:1 and it looked better at that size. i'll put it back. [working] done.
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After seeing the resolution in that desktop shot, I fail to see how you could have missed that being a tounge [wink]

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