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Pet hates....

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I'm an angry person.
Most of the time I'm pretty close to the edge of just abusing people, hell most of the time in real life I cross that line and lay into people to expose their own moronic habits.
It amuses me.
I'm probably going to hell.

However, in forums I can often refrain, normally just using cutting sarcasm to get my point across, but my tolerance level for arsehats has just run out.

So, today I bring you the first in what might or might become a series of me ranting about morons, either on here or in the real world, and frankly given my view that 99% of the world are infact morons who shouldnt be allowed to reproduce material shouldnt be short.

First up; People who cant write a remotely descriptive forum message title.
Seriously, wtf is up with that? OK, you want to learn to program, ok you are new so wont know everything but is it too much to ask for that you put some thought into your title!
I've infact taken to looking at them, coming up with an answer and just not posting it, I get some sort of glow knowing that I have the answer but I dont feel the need to help a moron who cant even think of a title beyond 'help', 'it doesnt work' or 'why'..

Secondly; People who post the same answer as you.
Now, ok, forums arent real time and sometimes you'll get a couple of post appear in a few mins coz people are writing a large post but every so often you get some one who, for god knows what reason, decideds to post an answer and then GIVE LESS INFOMATION than the post before them.
I'm not talking by minutes either, the last time this happened to me it was 2 fricken hours!!! between my post and the person who posted basically the same thing but with LESS infomation than I had given!
Seriously, wtf were they thinking? How is that remotely logical?? Did they think that they would be loved for repeating and duplicating the infomation but leaving out huge chunks?? seriously, I cant understand it.
Heck, I've posted the same thing by a few seconds before now and deleted it because the other post contained more info, but that was by 2 fricken hours!!
I dispair at times.

And finally, another amazing thing happened.
Someone asks a question, I answer it, at which point 4 or 5 people start debating how todo it, apprently ignoring my answer and a page later arrive at the same conclusion I got to in the first reply.
That the kinda thing which firstly makes me think "hell yeah, I'm great, I can out think these people by 2 pages" and I feel good until I realise that i've apprently out thought morons by 2pages and its not such a great thing.

Ah well, time for dinner and then another night of being sarcastic at people and mocking their lack of logical thought processes... mine is a hard life...
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Can you not take that glow that you got from #1 and apply it to #2 and #3?

I mean, c'mon - you were right so why not just sit and feel good about knowing you were right all along ;)

'Arsehats' - what a brilliant English take on an American insult. I might start using that myself ^_-

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It gets worse in life when you realize you have to associate with people who do that everyday. I guess you just get used to it?

I've avoided the technical forums for awhile now. I've decided to be a lounge troll, until I become a time-travelling ninja cyborg like S1CA.

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I think you make several good points. In fact I enjoy exposing other's moronic habits as well... I just enjoy having friendships better.

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I'm an angry person.

i for one would love to see more abusive replys, bring a little more joy into ppls lives (esp mine)

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You have a problem with people on forums? I just got back from a packed solid (and loud) crowd, where I tried to obtain food.

"Do you sell hamburgers?"
"But you sell hot dogs"
"Yes, but not hamburgers"

I think we should just work on some way to eliminate society that's faster than nuclear proliferation, space-borne lasers or the slow spread of disease.

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