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updated smiley icon

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i'm getting super-close to what i want the gif to be.. not bad, not bad. the thumb might still need a little work but i gotta see it in here first. i figured out how to get rid of the whitespace, just grabbed a little shareware prog to do the job up. looks like i might not have a timeout on it [grin]
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the saddest part is, i'm not quite 100% satisfied with it yet. the frame where the finger and thumb are the longest (hand is at rightmost) needs a little touching up. the thumb isn't noticable enough and there's some motion going on at the bottom of the hand that shouldn't be.

but also, i'm thinking all this work will help me make more elaborate gifs for being super-lazy and just using System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox objects all over the place for cheap'n'easy sprite animations. now i don't have to do any gdi+ stuff to make a Paint event draw it without its hi-pink. i wonder if you can reset the animation from the Image part of PictureBox (or (Picture)Image..?).. that would rock.

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