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Step Two: Avoid False Starts

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Step One is, of course, have some sort of clue, plan, design, schematic, or something else that gives you a good idea of where you want to go and how to get there.

It supposedly helps out with Step Two: Avoid False Starts, but has not in this case, so I guess I'm going to go back to Step One, or Step One Point Five or something.

Feudal Micromanager

You are the absolute ruler of a group of peasants, craftsmen, militia, and infantry. Your goal is to fend off and eventually destroy the evil Barbarian Horde that plagues your people.

To do so, you will need to Micromanage your fief. YOU set how much Food gets eaten, and by whom! YOU decide who gets shelter, and who has to sleep outside! YOU decide every single mundane little detail of your subjects lives!

I started more than a couple of times already, each time I get a little ways and then realize that I really don't want to do it the way I'm doing it.

I started with Personnel. There are four types: Peasants, Craftsmen, Militia, and Infantry. You buy Peasants with 50 (just a working number, likely not the actual value) Food. You train a Craftsman by using a Peasant and using 2 Tools, and this takes place in a School. You train a Militia by using a Peasant and 2 Weapons, and this happens at an Academy. You traid an Infantry by using a Militia and 2 Shields, and this, too, happens at an Academy. Each member of the population, regardless of type, eats 1 Food per turn, or they starve and die. Each member of the population must also be sheltered. A Peasant or Craftsman lives in a House, which holds 10 "people", and each Militia or Infantry lives in a Barracks, which also holds 10 "people". If not sheltered, there is a 50% chance for each "person" to die of exposure per turn. A Fed, Sheltered Peasant can either be trained, or work. If he works, he produced one Production Point for that turn. Production points, if not spent, do not accumulate from turn to turn. A Craftsman, if both Fed and Sheltered, will produce 2 Production points per turn. A Militia who is Fed and Sheltered can either be trained for the Infantry or stand guard. An Infantry who is Fed and Sheltered stands guard, and has better combat stats than a Militia. Peasants and Craftsmen also have combat stats, but not as good as Militia, and Craftsmen have better combat stats than Peasants.

So, it's all specified. There are really no questions about what I want to do. I just can't seem to come up with code I like that does it. Bleh.

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I just can't seem to come up with code I like that does it.

That may be why you lose motivation. Instead of trying to do the "perfect solution", Just Do It (TM) and get the job done. It correlates to the sense of progress all of us engineers need to stay motivated.

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That's pretty much the conclusion I had come to. Too many subtle interactions between game objects to come up with the "correct" solution, so don't bother doing it "the right way".

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You know what they say... sometimes planning is overrated.

Like, when dodging a bullet. Or, in this case, biting one.

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