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I Can Fly!!

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Tuesday, January 18th

Nuther night at the gym. This time we played... I dunno - there really isn't a name for it, so I'll just call it Superman. You'll see why in a second. Anyways the gym has two inground trampolines side by side, and then a third black one (the same type of tramp used for at-home tramps, only rectangular) and then a three foot wide section of floor, and then a foam pit. So visually

|=======| |=======| floor f | |
| | | | |=======| l | |
| tramp | | tramp | | tramp | o | pit |
| | | | | | o | |
| | | | | | r | |

Now the object of the game is to start bouncing on the first trampoline, take one bounce to the second trampoline, then fly over the third trampoline and the floor and into the pit. It's about... I dunno... 20-30 feet?

Okay, viewing the video there are 4 segments. The first part is my friend Danny. He'll demonstrate what not to do [smile] Next up I'll show you how it's done, and then you can see it first-person. Finally I threw in a trampoline back full twist just for kicks.

Superman (via MySpace Video)

There we go. It's not much of a reference but I try, heh. The position you want to hold in order to make it is like Superman flying through the air.

Tune in next week when we play... Beltrope!! (these names will all make sense when you see them, I swear [smile])
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