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Computer Stuff

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I neeeded to seperate the comp stuff from the "other stuff" [smile]

So I got my KDS CD storage tower today - whoo hoo! I plugged it in and spent some time punching in numbers and watching it pop open empty cd trays. Quite entertaining let me tell you [wink] I'm going to have to pick up a USB cable tomorrow since it didn't come with one (I bought it el cheapo off Ebay so no biggie), and then download the software that lets me open the trays from my comp as well as keep track of what CD is where.

In other news I managed to bork XP when I messed around with my Services. Outlook specifically. I set up my services using Black Viper's website, but when I restarted XP and opened Outlook to check my email before bed, it acted all weird. The main problem was it was taking like 3-5 seconds to download an email (I have cable) and during that time it would completely seize up. Then it would unfreeze for about a second before starting to download another email, and then lock up again.

So I shut it all down and went to bed. To late to bother with it. I just got around to fixing it tonight tho, had to go back to the system restore point I set before I started changing my services around. That fixed it up good. I'm inclined not to bother going back and changing the service settings one service at a time to figure out which one(s) are to blame, but considering shutting off a majority of them saved me around 30MB of memory, I think it's worth my time.
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