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Oh no!

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So today I was planning to ponder more about what weird kind of things I can imply with my math degree. Nothing special came up on bus, especially since I was reading my book that time. Then the trouble came when I was sitting in subway train.

So this girl is sitting in front of me. Note that this story is going to be completely different than the other girl who I didn't want to look at.
This one, damn, she was hot. I kept getting distracted by her and didn't really focus on reading/thinking. So she has nice and simple face, with no "artefacts" on her skin. Nice and dark eyes with a mild greyigh-blue eyeshadow. He hair is black, but she has lots of red highlights on it which give it a really awesome look. Like a nice balance between red and black. Cause you know, the ones who dye the entire her red usually end up looking like crap (it only looks good on anime). But this one had a very pretty balance between them, and had her hair held together with a few flower hair pins and then tied them at the back. Long shiny silver earrings that matched her perfectly.

Anyways, damn she was hot :) Too bad she was deep involved reading her book on psychology. And totally distracted me from doing my own stuff ><
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You should have made a move. "Oops sorry didn't see your tits there."

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I've heard those psychology girls are hot. I should sit in on one of their classes one day.

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A few notes:

When I say "no facial artefacts" I'm talking about no acnes, freckels, scratches, and such

And she got off at the Dundas subway station, so I assume she was a Ryerson student.

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Since you know where she come from, you'll have some chance to see her again. Then you'll be able to insult her because she obviously distracted you from your own stuff (whatever this stuff was). This should nto be legal. Let's make a world where no cute girl can distract us from being good ol' nerdz ^_^

Emmanuel D.

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