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Need some furniture help

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Well I'm down to one piece of furniture at the Hattan Cult Compound (as it has been dubbed by a pal) that I need for the office. I need a little rolling cart that's capable of holding all the coffee stuff. We've currently got everything on a folding table, but I want to make the whole affair more vertical so I can install a futon upstairs for a bit of a "waiting room" appeal. Also, we've got a full bathroom upstairs and adding a futon will allow one of the offices to double as a guestroom.

Basically I want a three-shelf rolling affair a bit like this. . .

It needs to have lockable casters so I can leave it locked for daily coffee use or roll it out of the way to put down the futon.

Most importantly, though, I need the bottom shelf large and high enough to hold a mini-fridge. The fridge base is 19x19 inches and is 25 inches high. It'll probably be better to have a base 24 inches wide so it'll better accomodate two coffee machines on the top. The middle shelf will hold all of the coffee cans and fixins. I'll put hooks on the outside to hold cups and paper towels.

Container store has a nice stainless steel shelf that'd fit the bill, but you can't raise and lower the shelves to fit the fridge.

And yes I have considered building it myself. I'm just hoping there's some kind of adjustable shelf-system around that'll fit the bill.
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