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Diablo - Drawing Equipment in Play

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one of the things i wanted to talk about was how i was planning on doing the equipment graphics for the diablo-game.

it seems that they made a few attack sprites for different types of attacks and made two sprites per weapon/hand that would fit where it should. i say two, because depending on the direction, the weapon/shield sprite should be drawn over the player sprite (if weapon should be seen in front) or under (if seen in behind). here's an example:

is made up of:

(i had a hell of a time fighting with my image manip programs. i almost had it with proCreate but the layers were going all see-through and stuff. it was retarded. then i was dumb and saved out as jpg and it made a mess of the images. then i was even dumber and couldn't get psp3 to paste an image over another and have transparent bits not show. been a while.. )

so here, we have the cardboard tube at that view as being in behind the monk sprite. isn't there going to be another sprite for the cardboard tube that would just be a fully transparent sprite? well, that seems silly, doesn't it? why not just tag the view for that angle as in front or behind? that makes more sense, come to think of it. i was thinking there would be a point where you'd need to have it in front AND behind - but what would ever be that way that couldn't be altered?

in secret of mana, its pretty obvious. they drew a series of weapons doing their attacks, walks and idles, and then made the character sprites fit the weapons. every character holds and uses every weapon exactly the same. it certainly isn't going to be very easy to do differently sized characters, but you can make the animations much more generic.
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I use Macromedia Fireworks as it came with my purchase of Studio. I must say that it's quite good and has some nice anti-alias stuff for sprite creation. If you upload the plain white background ones, I'll edit them up for you...

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Why don't you just start with the magent background, and work over it? That way you don't have to fill anything.

Granted I do all my pixelwork in MS Paint, so pfft. Drawing anything that size would take weeks, but yeah, I laid out the character crap basically the same way you did.

Except mine had more layers - you know, for different skin colors, facial features, tatoos, hair, and, of course, equipment. But the artwork itself sucked. Yours, however, looks nice. Good work!

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mushu: when you're using a tablet and you draw variously weighted lines (as most pencils do), you tend to get grays as well as blacks. if you change the material to purple, the black of the lead mixes with the purple instead, and when you try to fill the empty space around it, you get edges of purple-black and it's noticeable. no, i just need to learn to use the tools i have now. i just saved out to the wrong format first. jpg messes up the color info so that it can get the compression.

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