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Entry #70

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  • Random Observation of the Day
    Coding and alcohol do NOT mix.
    The results will become apparent several days after the event...


Okay, I reworked some stuff in my enemy class, so now I can add hardpoints with the.. guess what? addHardPoint() function. This will be helpful if I want to read enemy data off a file or something. Equally good, there is an enemy::fire() function. Here's a sample of 2 enemies shooting lotsacrap at my shit (clipped):

I have the coldet done, just need to call the function. Next is AI, then level design + fstream crap, then a GUI and stuff. Oh, and special effects along the line somewhere too. Might add motion blurs tommorrow for kicks. Well, more like later today, as its in the wee hours of the morning.

The scary part is, I'm working under the assumption there will be too much snow to drive tommorrow... UH OH
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I love the guy's reaction, especially after he throws down his hemlet and throws out his arms - no doubt screaming "NOOOOOO!!! BAASTAAAAAAARD!!!"

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