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As always, I'm late

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It seems that every other GDnet+ user already began their journal. I don't. Well, I didn't, until now.

Here are the reasons why I finally decided to begin one:

1) I want to give informations to newbies. I often saw recurring questions on the programming forums and I beleive these recurring questions should be answered in a sticky thread. This is not really feasible. Anyway, I'd like to centralize these recurring questions and answers in a non official FAQ.

2) there is no such thing as point 2.

3) I want to speak of my projects. To give informations about my code. To share my coding experience with gd.net users. Gamedev is really a great place, with tons of great individuals. Because I really like this place, I want to give a contribution to all the gamedev users.

4) I want to the master of the world.

Of course, I don't encourage anyone to read this devlog. I hope to fill it with interesting stuff/ideas/infos, and I hope I'll be able to update it on a regular basis. But if I spend too much time playing with it, I won't be able to master this world.

Mastering the world needs some time, you know...
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I mastered the world yesterday, but then I sobered up. Oh well...

Oh, and don't worry. No one really reads these.

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I do... I read all of them. Though there are a few stupid ones that for some reason I continue to read.... You know who I am talking about Mushu...

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Mushu, can you teach me how to master the world? Not that I really need to know, but I won't have to discover again what others had already discovered years (maybe centuries) ago. I'd like to be the first lazy evil overlord in fact [grin]

(edit: I decided to change my kebord. It sucks.)

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My system is to read all the new entries that appear before my own journal, and then I update my journal. That way I'm always up to date. This doesn't mean I read journals every day, just when I update my journal - which is fairly often so it works aiight.

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