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Oooh look, I've got mono

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If you're a programmer (and you are), you spend a lot of time with your text editor, be it standalone or part of an IDE. If you have no ambition whatsoever, you leave your editor's font as the default. More often than not, the default is the old Windows 3.1 pre-TrueType Courier. If you're ambition is microscopic (like mine), you immediately change the default editor font to Courier New so you'll at least get nice smoothed edges.

Thankfully somebody over at http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/12/6/11739/5249 has made up a little discussion of programming fonts, and he's put together a comprehensive list of monospaced TrueType fonts out there. Included are Courier and Courier New, along with the popular-but-difficult-to-find Andale Mono. He also found a whole slew of others. If you want to see all the fonts, grouped by his personal preference, check out http://www.lowing.org/fonts/allfonts.htm.

His top choice does look quite nice. I'm gonna have to install it.
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I like good ol' Arial 10pt, white on black with ClearType. It's a bit strange getting used to a proportional font, but after a while I really found it alot easier to read than all of the fixed-width fonts I've seen (including the special "programming" fonts).

- Pete

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