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The Thingy

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Stephen R


We'll I'm just back from the awards thingy. The competition was split into four sections, web design / implementation, and game design / implementation. Well actually the game implementation section was cut because no one entered but more on that later.

It was held in IT Tallaght in a medium-small lecture hall. I was dissapointed that they hadn't put up any of the projects on display - only the ocassional random page posted up on the wall. I'd been looking forward to seeing the other designs. There was a LOT of advertising for their college though but thats forgivable.

Almost all the finialists from the various catagories were there. It started off with the standard speach - "I was surprised by the high quallity of entries ... everyone is a winner". The generic stuff you'd hear at any of these things. Then to prove that there REALLY were no losers we were all presented with a "Certificate of Participation".

The prizes were then given out fairly quickly. They did the game design first. We came first with two other teams getting joint second. The web design prizes were then given out. After that we were lead to the cafateria with all the finger food a nerd neads to maintain his shiny mane. We got talking to one of the teams that came second. They had their hearts in the right place, they obviously liked games, but they really were very naive. Their design consisted of just blending together GTA VC and Max Payne. They had a story, but they didn't seem to have worked out any of the actual gameplay - it was all very vague.

As for the game implementation comp there was almost no chance of anyone there actually working on their games - they were too big and unclear. But what made the comp worse was that there was very little time for you to actually do it. I think there was about one, maybe two, months from when the comp was announced to the final entry date. Which is really a short time for an anywhat ambitious project. Even our design which we had made small intentionally was too big to have been made in time.

I got talking to their head of IT after the awards. I mentioned that no one had sufficient time to actually enter the game implementation comp. He explained that it had been their first year running it and they wanted to get it over with.

It was an interesting enough day, especially since I can now add the line "Award Winning Game Designer" to my CV [grin].

I don't expect to get any work done today. I finished reading Effective C++ last night. Its a great book, especailly if you have a good grip on the language but want to improve teh general standard of your code. I'll probably start reading Design Patterns tonight.
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What did you win anyways? Besides prestige and all the hot chicks of course...

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BESIDES the hoardes of hot chicks there was a €500 prize which we're going to split down the middle. Not bad pickings really.

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