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More nebulas

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Dear reader, i need your help (badly). I've been working on more nebulaes stuff, and i can't decide which blending type results in the more realistic / nicest nebulaes.

First of all: a nebula with alpha-blending:

The same nebula but with additive-blending (and a slightly different viewpoint):

And for reference, the yellow-ish nebula from my previous journal post, but with additive blending this time:

I like the additive blending nebulas, but they look less "sharp" (as for the shape of the gaz cloud) than the alpha blended ones. Please leave a comment to let me know your opinion, thank you!
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I don't know though... the additive ones look... small, thin, WEAK.

Depends what you're trying to accomplish. Both look really nice, but the additive ones look really shallow. But, nicer in a way too.

I can see your dilemma...

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I think the additive ones look more realistic, but the alpha ones look cooler. So - realism or coolness? [smile]

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