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Gaming It Up Oldschool

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Well okay, not too oldschool. I popped in my SimCity 4 CD last night - the first game installed on my new comp - and spent a while getting back into it. It's actually pretty cool in that a lot of the games I played like two or three years ago I played on a crappy computer that could barely handle them. I put up with the crappy framerates because they were all awesome games that I really wanted to play. I remember playing GTA III at what must have been like... 6fps? No joke! On an old TNT2 [smile] But it was still awesome!! Now I have a system that's finally able to handle these old games with all the bells and whistles turned on, and so when I go back to play them, it's almost like a whole new experience! How awesome is that? At least this'll keep me from sinking money into new games for a while.

So the IGF interviews have started going up as part of our Pre GDC coverage. Whoo hoo! I've already got 4 in the bag, but that's merely a dent in the 20 entrants. 2 aren't being done by me, I'm doing 1 tomorrow, and I'm currently scheduling 4 more. So almost half way done [smile] I'm definetly going to cover everyone this year. Last year kinda threw my game off because I wasn't ready for them to announce 20 finalists, but this year I'm prepped and ready. So if you're a finalist reading this and haven't gotten an email from me or someone at GDNet yet, you will soon.

As I said in an earlier entry, I got my KDS CD Tower and set it up next to my desk. I went to install the software after downloading it off KDS' site but it seems the installer is 16-bit. Huh? Oh well. I emailed KDS support about it but the email got bounced back. No biggie tho - the tower has manual operation. You just punch in the tray number you want and it pops it out for you. I set up an Excel spreadsheet so I know what CD is in what slot, and I also included any CD Key information as well. Easy as that. The one thing I am a bit pissed about is that I bought a USB cable that I don't have to use, and it was the wrong type of cable to boot. Some tech geek I am [embarrass]

Anyways here's a shot:

And here's one showing the status lights that let you know if the tray holds a CD or not:

Me like [smile] I'll definetly be buying another one off Ebay when I fill this one up.
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So lemme get this straight. It holds a bunch of CDs. If you want a CD, you first bring up Excel. Then you look up the CD you want. Then you punch in its code on the keypad on top. Then it pops out the CD. Then you put the CD in the drive.

I've got a device that works similarly, but its more efficient in that it eliminates several of the steps above.

It's called a cardboard box.

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