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Holy Carp! I have GDnet+

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Yes, finally I have a GDnet+ account! I hope he doesn't mind me saying, but Dave was nice enough to donate it to me. Yay Dave!

So, since I have this space now, I better fill it with something. At first I was just going to post a picture of a man eating a grape, but I don't like grapes. Then I thought of keeping an update of the life and history of the word 'chicken', but chickens don't like grapes either. So instead I will keep this as a track record of the bajillion projects I have going at the moment. So far I am working on:

  • GDnet comic - Updates
  • GDnet comic - New site (community based)
  • GDnet Humour Portal
  • Web based game with other GDnet members
  • RPG storyline with Genjix
  • Updating Stickies
  • Possibly interviewing another member
  • Creating a page for the humour article Gdnet members wrote (the 'what programmer are you?' post)

    -- Not related to GDnet
  • Work and Uni
  • Trying to get some drawing done

    I will try and keep this journal updated with the progress on these, although the storyline and web based game I am working on will be pretty sparse on details (can't really say much).

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you don't mind the virus this page installed.

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    Hopefully your journal remains TRUE to your cool style else we might get a FALSE impression.. Seriously though, welcome to journal land.

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    Original post by johnhattan
    You never did use my comic, you evil person. I will see to it that you are killed, and soon.

    He means it you know [evil]

    Look at me, he killed me and I had to reanimate as a Zombie

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    Sorry guys. It was partly because of the fact that I never used those comcics that I am changing the way the GDnet comic site works, so there will also be a page of community comics. No hard feelings? [smile]

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    You might not be feeling anything at all soon [smile]

    Hey John - you know I'm open for contracts right? Just so you know...

    hey bool, if you live maybe you could post like a frame per journal entry of an extended comic strip. That would be interesting... I think

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