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Gotta love the new toys. Everything came yesterday, all at the same time. I took me about 30-45 mins to swap out the hardware, and get it plugged back in. I had some trouble with the video, this mobo has that speach diag on boot up. Really nice, I didnt know what BEEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP ment. And the manual didnt tell me. So I had to hook up my sound to the on-board audio, and it said "VGA Boot Failed". It would fail to boot, and then randomly succeed. I had to take out the 6600GT and put it back in, and now it boots fine every time. I ran Prime95 for 8 hours last night, with no warnings or errors. Yay, its solid. I can now run games at 1280x1024 2AA 4AS pretty as a peach, and smooth. I think I got like 7800 score in 3D Mark 03. I'm not a real benchmarker, or OCer anymore, not like I was before. But I wanted to what my gains were. My old score was 1020 with my old system. So I feel I can safely say that this is 7x faster than my old computer, as far as 3D performance is concerned. I didnt run PC Mark, oh well.

Alot of stuff does not work with XP-64, for me. Nothing major, and I can understand because its just some installers saying "this program is for XP or 2K only", pretty common to new windows versions. Painkiller came with the 6600GT, and it wont install for this reason. :(

I do hate reinstalling all the 'support software' that I have. You know, the stuff that comes with the digi-cam, the dxsdk, prefered software, and all that. So I still dont have any of that stuff on yet. I will tho.

But, I gotta goto work soon. So hopefully I will get my SDK back in tonight, and see how fast this sys compiles! :D

PS. I just gotta say, dual PCIe slots, dual SATA, dual SATA-RAID, and dual gigabit-NICs! This mobo is great, and should last me a long time.
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