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I managed to get some anti-cheese, and then mixed it with goat cheese and got a pet goat for myself
(this is Kingdom of Loathing)

But I don't like their properties, my Cheshire Bat is a lot more awesome than the goat.

This is what I have right now:
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Gropert, the 1 pound Mosquito (0 kills)
Gronald, the 1 pound Leprechaun (0 kills)
Gronzo, the 1 pound Levitating Potato (0 kills)
Trobert, the 1 pound Angry Goat (0 kills)
Trondor, the 1 pound Sabre-Toothed Lime (0 kills)
Gogog, the 1 pound Fuzzy Dice (0 kills)
Gorgon, the 1 pound Spooky Pirate Skeleton (0 kills)
Groggy, the 1 pound Barrrnacle (0 kills)
Grogdor, the 1 pound Howling Balloon Monkey (0 kills)
Grotland, the 1 pound Stab Bat (0 kills)
Trobert, the 1 pound Grue (0 kills)
Groland, the 5 pound Blood-Faced Volleyball (25 kills)
Tongor, the 1 pound Ghuol Whelp (0 kills)
Grorgonzola, the 20 pound Baby Gravy Fairy (1105 kills)
Grotlef, the 1 pound Cocoabo (0 kills)
Gorgory, the 13 pound Star Starfish (180 kills)
Grotlov, the 1 pound Ghost Pickle on a Stick (0 kills)
Gronaldo, the 1 pound Killer Bee (0 kills)

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