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Accretion fractal tutorial

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Okay, I've uploaded a first draft of my Accretion Fractals tutorial. You can check it out here if you're interested. I've also uploaded new binaries that include the finished lava-lands wall set, and the scripts for the new tutorial are included in the package as well. Simply open the console (ESC) and enter dofile("/data/scripts/meta_map.lua") to see the technique in action.

In related news, a segfault bug has been intermittently cropping up recently. It appears to be a Heisenbug, as I can not predictably duplicate it. Identical sequences of actions are not guaranteed to trigger it, and so far it hasn't occurred while running in the debugger (dammit) so I can't yet nail it down. Rest assured, I have my best man working on the problem. Of course, my best man sucks at coding, so who knows when I... I mean, 'he'... will get it fixed. [grin]
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