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Camera Revisited...

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Just taking a small break from watching the monster storm hitting the Northeast this weekend. Where I am at in CT we could get 18in to 2ft of the white stuff. OK, so I playing around with my camera object and am integrating it with the engine when I take a few minutes (which turned to hours) and created a little flight simulator. This could open up some cool possibilities like flying over a map\level from the end point to where you are starting to give the player a 'quick' overview of the terrain. I think I have seen this done before but can't seem to place the game. Next up is lighting. I have been messing around with both real-time and precomputed effects and trying to weigh their strengths and weaknesses. I should have a path I am going to take after a few more proof of concepts are done.

Outta here
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I know most golf games have a fly over - but that's usually start to finish. Hmmmm...anyway sounds cool!

edit. The snow's getting deep here in Michigan too.

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Nowhere near 18 inches here in Minnesota, but we got quite a bit.

As for the camera fly over, I know SOME game does it, but I can't place the name either. Sounds cool though.

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75 degree, sunny days here in Phoenix lately. Got sunburned today. Went hiking. Ta ta for now. [grin]

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Thanks, Josh for reminding me how crappy a place I live. Until the summer that is, when it is 85 here and 115 there!

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