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I order AI Game Programming Wisdom like 4 weeks ago and it STILL hasn't gotten here! The guy who I bought it from (bought it used off Amazon) said he shipped it on January 2. Ok, so the shipping service has taken three god-damned weeks and still hasn't gotten it to me.

Anyway, it's been months on end since I said anything about my pirate game. Well, I'm still almost exactly where I was when I first mentioned it! I'm stuck on making a decent GUI that only mildly sucks, I just don't know how to make a GUI! What I'm planning and have nearly finished coding is a GUI that has buttons, checkboxes and editboxes. There is a main CGUI class which holds an std::vector of CGUIObject pointers. CButton, CCheckBox and CEditBox are all derived from CGUIObject. Basically, for a new game and load game menu, this SHOULD be good enough. I'm also (thinking about) adding a menu box class, where each item in the list in the menu box can have a graphic avatar or text, or both. That could be used for loading an easy way for the player to load a savegame or can be used when you visit shops in the game. Or something....bleh, is this what is referred to as "HCI"? If so, it's a lot harder than I thought it was. :(

In other non-related news, I want to quit my job at Econo-foods (northern mid-western grocery story chain) and work at some organic food co-op that just opened up down the street from where I currently work. I get 6.50 USD an hour right now and this organic food place will probably pay less but whatever, it's not like I ever spend money anyway. Also, I've never seen any employ bagging groceries at that place. Bagging groceries sucks a lot. It especially sucks when you have to bag for some nasty old lady with a beard who likes to complain about everything. The only thing that makes me unsure as to whether I want to quit or not is the fact that all the managers are really nice people, except for the woman who does the scheduling, she's dumber than a bag of hammers and likes to put me on 4pm-10pm shifts on the weekends.
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I used to be a cashier at an Acme (my first job) and I always wanted to be a bagger instead - at least they got to leave the register every now and then and take a long time to like, return items or restock shelves... standing behind that damn cash register and not being able to go anywhere sucked :P

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