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Entry #73

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    Rob is being mean to me... and it makes me feel...
    PRETTY! Oh so pretty! Oh so pretty and witty, I'd say!!!
    I'm so pretty, I can kill Rob Loach Tooooo-daaaaayyy!!!

Yeah, and I'm in the Mafia game now. Looks like I narrowly avoided a first-turn execution, BECASUE OF ROB! (that would have been bad)

It appears that in this game, making an ass of yourslef (easy for the village idiot, me) is teh key to winnering!!!
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Sadly I can't discuss the game as I am dead [grin].

In other news, remind me to play MapleStory one day. I really wanna try that one out. I'd definately go the magic route.

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