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Welcome to my web

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Stephen R


I got the prisoner code finished off thismorning. So there's only one last piece to be put into the editor - the guards. It shouldn't take me long to do. So by the end of this week at the latest, tuesday hopefuly, the editor will be fully finished. Then, as I've said too many times before, I can get down to work on the game.

This afternoon Dr Default and I rigged up a template for our website. Its looking quite good. I especially like the logo he made - which I will unveil when the site is ready. There isn't actually that much to do. A fair amount of the launch site is going to be static, and the few systems I have to implement myself are quite simple conceptually. So I'll be uploading the site hopefully within the next week or two.

This evening I got to work converting the rough html into the actual site. I tore almost all the properties out of the actual html and put it into a css file. I'm quite proud of that css file actually - nice and short but extremely effective. At the moment only the homepage exists, where the current news is going to be displayed along with a bit of static "welcome" text. I have most of the news system in place - just to finish off the news adding functionallity. The site is being run off php, which I've only ever toyed with before. I must admit I quite like it. I've been using CodeWalkers almost exclusively to learn the language and its one of the best tutorial sites for any language or API I've ever come across.
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