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new things have side effects

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Yeah, so the Win XP 64 beta thing is going pretty good. Unless I want to write code. The thing bugging me now is that the DXSDK wont install because the windows version is too high. Same thing with my attempts to get OGL installed. I figured hey, I will just give OGL a shot untill I get DX back up. Well, now I pretty much have to install Win2K on another partition if I want to take progress any farther with my project. Which I guess, is to be expected when dealing with a beta OS from MS. I really wanted to just keep this XP-64 beta as my primary MS OS, and take my partition that has my old win2k install out. That way I could try out some 64-bit Linux stuff too.

I dont know, I guess I just dont want to deal with 2 windows installs, and keep the drivers up-to-date. I might just bail on this beta, put 2K in its place, and use Linux as my 64-bit OS for now. I dont know when I will be able to afford XP-64, I'm sure it will be $200-300 when it comes out. So maybe there is no reason to get attached to it. I really was a hardcore 2K guy, because thats what I got my MCSE in, so I guess thats natural.

I am getting tired of thinking about it now. I should go play some UT04 to cool-off. ;)

Here are the pictures I think I promised you.
SLI view
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