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Midieval Micromanager

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This past week, I was doing a lot of extra time at work, getting something ready for a trade show, so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on the design or implementation of Midieval Micromanager. But now I should have a little more time.

One thing I have decided is that each Peasant, Craftsman, Militia, or Infantry should actually be it's own object. As should every piece of land.

I'm changing the way I'm doing some things. Like having Peasants and Craftsmen work. I'm going to make the Production Point stuff completely transparent by allowing only five workers per building. Craftsmen are still twice as productive as Peasants, so 5 Craftsmen will produce twice as much as 5 Peasants assigned to the same building. This still uses production points internally, but to the player, he just assigns workers to a building.

Which brings up the topic of how many workers might there be?

There are 100 pieces of land (acres) that can be developed into buildings. At most, 5 workers can work at each, so the theoretical maximum you'd want to have for workers is 500.

Of course, in that case, they would all be homeless, and around half of them would die each turn.

So, you need to house them, and a House will domicile 10 workers.

Say, then, that a worker "occupies" 0.3 acres. He works 0.2 acres, and lives in 0.1 acres. 100 Acres/(0.3 Acres/Worker)=333 1/3 Workers.

But, of course, not all of your population will be Workers. Some of them will be Military, and live in Barracks. Say you'd like to have 100 Military, each takes up 0.1 Acres (10 to a Barracks), so 10 Acres are gone for Barracks.

(The Barbarian Horde consists of 100 Infantry at full readiness, so having 100 Military around would be necessary to fend them off).

That leaves 90 Acres, and at 0.3 Acres/Worker, we get 300 Workers, and that requires 30 Houses.

We now have 10 Barracks and 30 Houses, leaving 60 Acres for working. The population is 400: 300 Workers, 100 Military.

That kind of population eats 400 Food per turn. A Peasant generates 5 Food per turn, and a Craftsman 10, so we will need anywhere from 40 to 80 Acres for Grain production.

Well, we can't have 80, since we only have 60 left. Better go with 40, and have all of our Workers be Craftsmen. Now we've got 20 Acres left for other things.

Unfortunately, Farms only yield a total of 100 Food(2 turns if 5 Craftsmen are working it) before becoming Waste Land, which then needs to be Cleared(5 Turns for 5 Craftsmen) and a Farm rebuilt(2 1/2 turns for 5 Craftsmen), so this serene population of 300 Workers is going to quickly have some starvation because it cannot perpetuate itself. The player is going to need to do some sort of crop rotation if he wants to maintain a population.

But that's good, because I don't imagine that I *WANT* the player to be able to support a population of 400. It's supposed to be struggle to (micro)manage resources while fending off the Horde.

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