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Picked a Dreamcast up for for a tenner this weekend at a car boot. It had 2 controllers with memory cards - no games, but I can get my own. Nay bad for a tenner.

So I was wondering how hard the DC would be to develop for... When I finally get back into game coding I might give it a try - that and the GBA... Now that I have a Nintendo DS the world of GBA gaming is open to me - something is screaming at me to get back to the old school so I may find time to give it a shot.

But no time or motivation just yet. I have to get my head down and go forward quickly with this latest project if I'm going to make the deadline. Should be do-able though.

If you have any good advanced T-SQL books, please send me links =)
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Can you develop for the DS? I would definantly buy one if you could but otherwise I dought I would get one.

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