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Stephen R


I woke up today with the urge to find a job for myself. I'm still in secondary school (I think thats the same as high school in the US) so my parents basically provide everything I need but I dislike having to ask them for everything. So my epic search for a job has begun. Today I tried my local PC shop (they make/repair PCs and sell various components). I phoned them about an hour before closing time and asked to speak to the manager. I was told he was currently taking a call and gave my details for him to ring me back. I waited, but there was no call. I looked at the phone. In all my wisdom I'd forgotten to put down the phone so there was no way he could have gotten through. As a friend so eloquently put it on MSN - "LOL @ U". It was past closing time when I realised this so I'm going to have to call him back tomorrow. Anyway I'll call him again tomorrow and I'll come up with something to blame it on.

As for coding I spent most of my time today working on the site. The news system is fully in place - the admin pages and all. The static pages are in place with a bit of placeholder text. All that left now is the forums - which is really only a few seconds work once everything else is done - and the core of the site, the games. A few days work should get that up and running.
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