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Eternal Lands update

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Here we are again to the thing I hate most: Updating the game. Not only that this sucks because I have to upload a lot of files via Dial Up, but it is also annoying that I have to update all the mirrors. Of course, I don't have to use the Dial Up for the mirrors, I just upload it on one server then take it via wget or ftp from that server and put it on the mirrors. But it's still a pain in the ass.
However, the biggest problem is making sure that the new update does not crash people's computers. For example, we had big problems with Win98 and XP computers, due to a bug in the Iconv library. Wytter rewrote one of the functions and now it works fine. We also had a problem with the Win98 users, because of the way the command line was processed. That bug is fixed as well.
Yesterday we had two preliminary update tests, the second one being almost OK, with the mention that we forgot to put some files, so we will need yet another release candidate. If that works well, we will finally update the main server (so far, the tests are done on a test server, which is pretty much an updated copy of the main server).
There is one more issue with one of the users reporting a crash when entering a building. Now I have to see if others have similar problems, and if they do try to to see WTF is wrong.
If others have no problems, then I have to see why it crashes for that user. Might be because he didn't update properly, or maybe because he has a drivers problem.
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I played EL a couple of days ago, still have the client installed. I guess I just suck, but I can't seem to figure out how to heal HP, live, etc, and keep dying. But everything looks nice, the gameplay is cool, etc.

And considering I'm running a 800mHz Duron with a mere 448MB RAM and it runs great, I'd say that's pretty damn impressive [wink]

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Oh, that's easy. Just complete the tutorials, given to you by the tutorial NPC in the west part of Ila Prima, near the point where you start. It explains all the basic things and more.
Plus, you can always type #help_me "your question here" and our newbie helpers will try to help you.

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Dude! Guy!

Tel will sell minor healing potions to you for 6gp (and i'll buy the vial back for 1gp, so its even cheaper!)

Those heal 5hp, so it's like 1gp/hp!

I sortof gave up on actually playing, since there's nothing I can make for a profit, and nothing but beavers to kill. (fucking deer!)

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Come on, it takes a few days until you are able to make loads of money :) besides, leveling up combat is easy. Just put all your valuble stuff in the storage, then fight. Having a few healing potions with you can be useful as well.

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Yeah, but there STILL needs to be something inbetween beavers and deer. Something with low attack and high defense. Like a vampiric mosquito. Or something.

Not very damaging, but hard to hit. So the battles last longer.

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Come on, the deers are not THAT hard :) With the weapon and armor from the newbie tutorial, and a few levels of attack/defense you can take them out.

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I'm 9/9. Last time I attempted, I got whooped. Hard. Maybe I'll try again when I'm like 12/12

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