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I hate GUIs

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Thinking about GUIs sucks. It's the worst part of everything. I don't know how to make one that's even semi-decent or nice to work with. The one I'm working on now will be sufficient but crappy none-the-less.

I've decided that maybe I should work on a simpler game, like a Galactica clone or something. Last time I tried a simple project that was within my skill range I completed it in a few hours (Pong, hell yeah, that or that crappy Machine Gun Man "game" I made, but I prefer to forget that ever existed).

In other news, Yoplait yogurt is the best, but I feel terrible buying it because I know some of that money will go to further their crappy marketting that I hate.
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So don't make a GUI. Use an existing one. Windows, Mac, and Linux all come with one that works just fine.

And they're all free, provided you own the OS.

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johnhattan: But the Windows GUI wouldn't look good with my game at all. Besides, all I need are check boxes, edit boxes, buttons, windows and text menus. I've just about got it done.

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