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I'm going to get roasted for this, but...

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...I really quite like Eminem's song Like Toy Soldiers. I only found out what it was called this morning.

It grabbed me with the filtered sample of the children singing, and then made me listen to the lyrics. Which are intelligent, and... mostly scan properly (the line about "my intentions were good" breaks the flow a little).

And they actually got me looking up the song on the web in an attempt to find out what he was referring to. (Apparently, it's because Eminem played a part in getting 50 Cent to sign up under his label, instead of with Ja Rule's label Murder Inc - and Ja Rule responded with some song referring to Eminem's kid daughter in a demeaning way.)

It's been a while since I bought one of his CDs - or, for that matter, any CD, because I tend to survive on the electronica put out onto the web by people like trash80 - but I may well pop into HMV tomorrow and see what they've got.
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Quite song Soldiers. Found it this.

It with sample children then listen lyrics. Intelligent, scan (line "intentions" breaks a).

And got up on in to what referring. (it's played in Cent up label, with label - and responded song Eminem's in way.)

It's while bought his, for, any, I survive electronica onto by trash80 - may into and they've.

....yeah, I can see how you might be confused with that.

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