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For sale: One brain. Never used.

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Picture that best sums up this update:

For about the last week and a half I have been working on the GDnet humour portal, and after completing all the ASP code I had finished about 70% of the layout. All I really needed to do was copy the ASP code across to the site layout and I would be done. What I hadn't counted on though was an rebellion of stupidity in my head, which after rounding up any common sense shot them all in plain view of my intelligence.

Basically I went and saved straight over the top of it with a blank file.


So after starting a thread in the lounge hoping there might be some way to salvage the file, I bit the bullet and started again.

This is a major inconvenience though. I was hoping to get a heap of work done on other projects, but now I am going to be doing this all over again. At least one good thing to come out of it is that the site code does look a lot neater (The actual ASP code itself is actually quite simple, but since I am still quite new to it everything takes five times as long).

This updates prediction of the future: In the future, the ocean floor will be turned into a massive CPU casing that powers the worlds most advanced computer. In order to keep CPU temperatures down it will use the ocean as part of a water-cooling system. It will be rented out on weekends to the engineers for CS matches
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Can't wait! Need any help? I don't know much ASP, but I can help out somehow.... I'm great with moral support [grin].

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