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Bask in the glory that is the COFFEE CART!!

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Awright, all of the remaining bits of the coffee cart and the futon arrived yesterday afternoon, and the unused half of my office is no longer a dumping ground for leftover crap but is a THING OF BEAUTY FOR ALL TO BEHOLD. It belongs on the friggin' Learning Channel, it's so shockingly well-designed.

FWIW, I didn't just do this to spend money. We have clients over quite often, and it'll be nice to let folks make a genuine Starbucks-class cup of coffee, complete with all the fixins.

. . .but mostly it's just for us.

Here's a tour, annotated with a couple of tips.

(oh, and if the perspective is making you dizzy, it's because the back wall and ceiling aren't square. The house is a modified A-frame)

This is the view from my desk. Andy The Coworker brought the pipe cutter and some bits of paneling that matched the bamboo floor, so I no longer have to worry about drippy machines. I found some old "print your own refrigerator magnet" magnet-backed inkjet paper in the closet, so I found one of my favorite old Too Much Coffee Man pictures, specifically the comic cover of TMCM crucified on a caffeine molecule, and printed it for the fridge. I figured the theme would fit in with the "coffee altar" motif. Above the big magnet is a smaller magnet containing the color-codes for the nespresso capsules. The capsules are now up on an aluminum wall-mounted dispenser (that double-helix-looking-thing up on the wall). Hooks and baskets on the sides hold all the fixins necessary for coffee.

Also, there's a power strip zip-tied to the back of the shelves. That way we can easily unplug and roll the cart to the other office if we need to make coffee there.

Here's the opposite wall. We bought a little magazine rack that's hard to see, but it's about the same color as the bamboo floor. To the right of the door is the "wall of ego" containing all my shelf products. To the left of the door is my XFL banner that is a constant reminder that spectacular failures are much more fun than ordinary failures.

The door itself leads to a bathroom with a shower, which is why we got the futon in the first place. We figured that, since the bathroom has a shower, if we got something that could convert to a bed, the office could double as a guestroom.

The pattern on the futon was a hard-sell for Shelly. I convinced her that with all the contrast in the room, a sofa with bold contrast would work better. Also, the kanji characters will work with the bamboo floor. She's grown to like it.

Here's the completed coffee bar close up. It's inspired by a neat little rolling coffee-cart that Microsoft had at the GDC about five years ago. They had a girl at a little coffee-lectern, and she could make damn near anything coffee-related even though her space was much more limited than your average Starbucks. I priced coffee carts, but they were quite expensive ($2-$5k), and had lots of stuff that I didn't need (sinks, built-in fridge), so I just went with the shelves.

Also I wanted to raise the machines up so you didn't have to hunch down to get some coffee.

Money-saving tip. You can buy a bigass box of 1500 popsicle sticks at craft stores for about five bucks. Pop 'em in an old jar, and the coffee stirrers are taken care of.

Yeah I'm proud of my new office. What of it?
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What's that on the wall next to the coffee altar that reminds me of a pair of chromosomes? (if that's not, in fact, what is being represented as I can't really remember specifically what they look like)

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If you had taken 45 seconds to read the text, you would have found that I said exactly what it was, and you wouldn't have had to waste three minutes asking the question.

That's two minutes 15 seconds of your life that you'll never get back.

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