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Update done

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Well, the update went smoothly, there was no incident. The mirrors were updated in the morning, after I was resonably sure that there are no problems.
So far, no one reported any problems, and apparently everyone is happy with the new maps and new features in the client. Soon we will have to add some new manufacturing formulas, so that the players will finally be able to make all kind of axes. This kind of sucks tho, because we won't be able to sell titanium axes for money (they are 20 USD for the time being).
But we do have some p2p races, they will be 50 USD/lifetime, so maybe we will make some money from them.

At this time it's night in the game, so the shadows are not there yet (we can't have shadows from different lights, would be overkill). Now the morning is comming, and I'll have to see what the players think about the deepth buffer shadows. Hopefully they will like them.

After I finish this log entry, I will head to Freshmeat.net and update the project. This adds some new players to the game, and also boosts the vitality of the project, which is cool. Besides, there are some Linux distros that are subscribed to the project on Freshmeat, so they can update their files and such.
Then I will submit a post in the Announcement forum, here on Gamedev.net and after that party a little :)
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Isn't it more efficient to use a database though? The reason I am asking is because WoW had problems with theirs during the beta's and was wondering if that is the way to do it for loads or people.

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Well, THAT's why we don't use databases. I don't trust them. I don't know what's inside them, how they work. If they are flat files, I know how to directly access each player's data with a hex editor, and so on.
Plus, having problems with flat files is far less likely than having problems with databases.

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Depends on the database and what kind of coder you are.

Flat files are easier to recover from, perhaps. But databases are generally faster and more reliable.

Unless you're an amazing coder and didn't make any mistakes in writing your flat file parsing code.

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Fasterand more reliable? Thwn why did WoW have problems with them? we never had one single problem related to the flatfiles, and in some occasions it even saved our asses.

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WoW's problem wasn't with the database, but the server machine. They fried like 2-3 of them during the beta's.

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Maybe the databse fried them :D
Anyway, from what I heard, they have LOADS of downtime, and people are pissed off.

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