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just to let you in

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Oh, *sigh*.. Well, I guess I will start with the strangest news first. So my girlfriend and myself are living together in an apartment, we have been there for just over a year now. In that years time, my car has been broken in to so they could steal my cd-player. And atleast 1 time each month, someone else has their car broken into, we can tell because of the glass on the ground in the morning. Anyways, more to the point. Last weekend they broke into my girlfriends car, smashed out the passanger window. It was somewhere in 6-8 pm timeframe. Once the theif had access to the inside of the vehicle, he claims his prize that was teasing him from within, calling him, beconing him to retreive. It must have been impossible for the person to resist the temptation of just walking by, and leaving the two packs of generic cigarettes sitting on the seat. So we were cleaning up some glass, and another man approached us. He said that his car was broken into last week. They couldnt get the stereo out (and the face was removed), because he had it in securly. So they took the screwdriver and smashed up the cd-input, and the connectors for the face.

I have a pretty big problem with people who steal. And an even bigger one with people who steal from thir neighbors. So my GF talked with the apartment management. From what they said, they are 'working twards' getting cameras in the parking lots, one problem is that they need to run power to the cameras. The garages are not powered so they do have a bit of a task there. No more so than getting the co-ax out to the cameras, I think. And, the police have been trying to sting the guy for some time now. They have had an officer laying down in a car (trying not to be seen), waiting for the guy to make his move. They didnt get him, in case you are wondering. So the police also requested they have access to an apartment so they can watch the lot on some nights, to see if they can catch him. You may know already that it gets cold here in the winter, so they dont really like to sit in a car (that isnt/cant be running) for the enitre night. Well, all of the units that face the lot, are full.. in fact, I live in one of them.

We have stated that we would allow them to use our unit for the operations, on my nights that I do not have to work the next day. My GF said she would only ask for lodging in a hotel, and the posted $500 reward (information leading to conviction) in return. Now $500 would be nice to have. But who knows how long this could take?! I could be spending the next two months or so sleeping 2 days a week in a (I'm guessing shitty) hotel. I really dont want to be away from my computer for that long.

And besides that, I'm not really afarid so to speak.. but I dont really want all the criminals in the area to think they need to attack me/my apartment. I'm on the first floor, so not only do people have easy access to my windows/patio, but it also might seem pretty obvious to the criminal (and if he has others with) which unit contained the sting.

I dont know..... ARGG!! I will just be so much happier when this guy gets caught. I don't even know if the apartment management and police have agreed to use our unit yet.

In other news...

I finally reinstalled Win2K. Mainly so I could update the BIOS, the driver cdrom, had a FAT DOS! kernel, but it was unable to see my NTFS drive where the updated BIOS bin was stored. But whatever, I wanted to update the BIOS. Also my Audigy 2 ZS is not recgonised in XP-64, and the nVidia firewall software was not happy with the OS either. Whats even cooler?! The reinstall of 2K wiped part of the XP-64 install (somehow, they are different partitions). So I don't think I will be reinstalling the beta OS again. I like all the eye candy that it has, but 1) its still a beta, 2) i dont want to get attached to a OS that I dont want to buy yet, 3) in every benchmark, 2K gets better results (I blame drivers currently). Blows, I am kinda fond of the 64-bit OS idea. Too bad, I'll just have to wait untill its released. Maybe I'll buy it then, probally will. :) Gotta go.
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