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Been tinkering with the Golem3D thing again. I've done some fixin' on the engine, and started hanging a random generation script interface, Accidental-style, on top of the engine framework. Until now, the Golem3D engine has been restricted solely to loading level content created with the associated level editor. But I've been doing a lot of thinking about random generation applied to 3D height-map based levels, and how interesting outdoor landscapes might be created. I emphasize interesting; in my opinion, there is nothing remotely interesting about your basic noise-based fractal landscape. There is really nothing to those things at all. The challenge lies in the 'making it interesting' part. I've got the engine teamed up with the script framework, and I'm working on the map builder interface now. I'll try to get some additional info up as I develop some techniques. Ideally, I'd like to emulate the 'feel' of level content generated by the editor.

Note that I am not really considering this as an update to the Accidental Engine. Rather, I'm gathering notes and code in preparation to take up the Golem storyline again, and to take another stab at putting together the game that has been churning around in the back of my mind for a couple years now, beginning with the original Golem. I've got a stronger codebase and stronger engine now (though it could still use some work), as well as a few more goodies in my bag of scripting tricks, so hopefully this one will live where the others died.
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Im glad to hear that you are working again on Golem3d.There will be some source code release and improvements to map editor?

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Possibly, although given that I'm hanging the random generation stuff on the engine, the poor editor may in actuality suffer even further from neglect. Poor, abused editor. In general, I've always steered rather clear of creating games that don't rely on random generation for the bulk of the content. Who's got the time to churn out 20 or 30 levels on top of all the programming and artwork already required? Not me. [grin]

I am going to steal a bit of code from the engine. I've got some ideas to leverage existing terrain brush application, and couple it with randomly generated paths in the generator, to simulate moving a brush across the map. By manipulating the placement of paths, the 'speed' of following the paths and a 'dwell' factor that determines how long the brush sits at a location modifying terrain before moving on (to control the build-up of elevation), I can perform creation of hills, cliffs, ledges and mountains in a fashion that keeps the 'feel' of the editor. Hopefully, anyway.

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