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So I was thinking - I wonder what a PacMan game would be like with say, up to 10 players.

Imagine a huge maze level with 4 players as PacMan characters, the others as Ghosts. The aim of the ghosts would obviously be to kill PacMan - the PacMan characters will be racing to eat as many dots as they can - a power pill would allow them to eat ghosts and other PacMen.

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How about making one person the pac man and everyone else the ghosts? The Pac Man would need much better capabilities (i.e. speed) than the others, thus making the goal of the ghosts to best work together to corner the Pac Man.

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I was thinking about that, adding the possibilities of powerups (eg: ghost killing fireballs, etc).

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What if you threw an element of 'Killer' in there? Instead of players being clearly ghosts or pac-men, give each player a group of other players who are trying to kill him, and a group of players that he can eat. On that player's machine, the 'hunter' group are drawn as evil ghosts, and the 'prey' group are drawn as scared ghosts.

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