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So Much Work...

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Today, while working on 3 projects (raytraced pacman{with tons of reflection and refraction}, opengl clone of a flash game, and a file hosting script), I was sideswiped by two new projects (a petri net-based esoteric language and a rule bot for subspace).

Now I'll probably never finish any of the projects, and I was making good progress on the first 3 =-/ Such is the way of my life.
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Original post by Gaiiden
[lol] those banners in your header rock. I need some :P
I had the rating one in the footer for a long time, but then I figured I should make them more promiment if I wanted anybody to see them =-P

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None of the projects was far enough for screenshots really.
For the raytraced pacman, all I had was the initial rays, and they ended as soon as they got to the game board (either returning a color for a block or black for no block), so it wasn't at all impressive yet. For the flash clone, all I have done is the engine with no game or content and its a simple 2d tiled game so again not so impressive. For the script, I had it 90% done but that last 10% is the UI so... =-/

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