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Yesterday and today, in order to celebrate the update being succeesful, and almost everyone enjoying it, I got a little bit lazy and didn't do any coding. I held a contest, in Eternal Lands, being hidden in a secret spot, and promising a nice prize to the one that finds me (sans mods and admins, of course). No one did, so I told them we'll continue the contest tomorrow.
I also found out that we were supposed to have 3 new manufacturing formulas released every 2 weeks (each one every 2 weeks), but one of the staff members inadvertently(?) leaked all the 3 formulas on the news forum, which spoiled the surprise. I told Rogue (the one now I charge of the server) that if we are going to have items to be released later on, we should NOT enable them until the time of their release, so people won't leak them again.
I also decided to spend a little more time with the Eternal Lands team, because otherwise there are all kind of mistakes that shouldn't happen. Plus, the team needs someone in charge of the technical stuff, like some sort of arbitrer. And, of course, since the new project, Barren Moon shares a lot of code with Eternal Lands, it's good to oversee both projects to make sure the code can be used in both projects. Of course, there is some game specific code that can't be used in the other, but stuff such as the buddy list can.
Meanwhile I posted on the OpenGL forum about our Zbuffer shadows problem, and hopefully someone can point us what exactly is wrong, and how it can be fixed.
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