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Hey, thanks for the comments. I have taken a screenie of the current state of affairs but also included a screenie of an old project that needs a revamp. The old project is 3D Minesweeper and was a finished game but just appallingly done in all aspects.

THUD Preview (still under developement)
Here the top two buttons in the middle are clickable and depress, simulating 3D-ness. The right hand small box is simply a textured quad and is the thud_picturebox component. The left hand slim box and the big one are skinnable scalable boxes. They can be any size and they are the thud_box component.

3D Minesweeper - Something i would like to say about this is that in the top right you can see a console window :P. That was a pet project.


More screenies will be uploaded as the THUD project progresses. Then i will write some demos making use of THUD for you to try. These will all be uploaded to my website and linked from here.

Do you think that when THUD has progressed far more it would be suitable to go into the GDNet Showcase on BETA.

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Whoa, very cool. I dislike working on GUIs. They're just so boring and you just want to move onto the game code [grin].

...And I have to agree, the best way to learn how the STL benefits you is to make your own classes. You then understand the amount of work that went into them. You can then guess that this is the same with everything.

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