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Feeling Better

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So I was too sick to do much of anything over the weekend, besides play lots of Deus Ex of course. Some nasty cold hit me hard, and the flu seems to be going around too. As one of the coaches put it today, we do indeed work in a giant petri dish - I'm surprised I don't get sick more often, given that I'm around sniffly kids all the time :P

So yea - we got dumped upon with around a foot of freakin snow over the weekend. It's the first major storm of the season. Heck, it's the first real snowfall of the season. A week or two ago we only got like and inch or two, so that really didn't count. A foot of snow just plain sucks. If it's going to be a big storm, I want 6 freakin feet of snow. Now that's cool. A foot is lame.

I did manage to get around to reformatting and networking up all my computers via my hub, so now I have network drives mapped out for additional storage space. Yummy. My desk is also less cluttered now too - that's a plus.

I was still feeling too out of it last nite to play the Beltrope game like I promised last week. Oh well. Next Tuesday.

So I was able to read through all the preceding journal entries before mine - don't you punks forget it. Of course it was made easier because I was also conducting an online interview with Max Gaming, the guys behind Dark Horizons: Lore. So while I was waiting for them to finish replying to my questions, I was reading GDNet journals. It was a two and a half hour interview - the longest one so far this year (I think maybe the longest ever... though I know I've done at least two hours before). It was a great interview though, definetly check it out when it gets published if you're into Lore. Many insights revealed.

Okay, I've made my update. Gotta go play more Deus Ex. I got it running full res (1280x800) so it's sweeeet. When I first played it my hardware was barely up to the task, now it's much better [smile] I think I'm about halfway through. I like to complete every possible objective and talk to every person and get every last skill point I can (and kill every last freakin bad guy), so it takes me hours just to beat one level [smile] So on with it!!
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Do you have a copy of Soul Calibur you want to sell me? [wink]

Deus Ex is a serious gem of a game, I need to dig out my copy and play it again.... but then again Ikaruga is eating my spare time.

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Sadly no... but I do have Soul Calibur II for GameCube! [grin] Ain't getting rid of that one! :P

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Hey stumbled across this when looking for software for my KDS Cd Tower. lol. Those videos are awesome, is that a gymnastics class of some sort? I also read something about you getting hit by a sword? lol sounds like fun stuff, where do you get into this? On another note, I dont suppose you still have the CD for your KDS do ya? I could use the software. :P Awesome journal man.

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