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Rule By Fear

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Did you ever go to a beach?

And not a beach that was crowded with people, either.

I mean an empty beach.

Empty, that is, except for the hundreds of sea gulls.

You know what I like to do?

I like to slowly make my way onto the beach, not disturbing any of the sea gulls as I do so.

Then, once properly positioned, I like to run at the largest group of gulls, shouting incomprehensibly at the top of my lungs and waving my hands about like a mad man.

All of the gulls, and I mean *ALL* of the gulls take flight. It's not like I could have caught any of them. Gulls are faster than me.

The flock mentality amuses me.

Human beings are a lot like sea gulls.
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It's also funny to watch a two year-old girl and her three year-old cousin who are absolutely CONVINCED that they can pet a seagull if only the run fast enough.

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