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Turtle Like

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Stephen R


I've been working on both the editor and the site for the last few days but the ammount of work I actually do each day has slown down to a crawl. There's no excuse for it (though I do like to blame school and their never ceasing efforts to crush our souls), I just have to dive back in and start making some definate progress.

I'm going to vow to get the editor finished by tomorrow evening. There isn't much work left in it - just to actually sit down, load up VS and just get the code written. Getting some large milestone finished in a project is like trying to get to a checkpoint in a racing game when you are running out of time - if you don't get there in time the game's over but if you do you get a bonus which should tide you over to the next checkpoint. The horrible part is that you start seeing attractive projects everywhere you turn. I think I'll start making a list of them and I can revisit them later.

Anyway, right now I'm going to read some more of Design Patterns. Not exactly light reading but very interesting.
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