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Nuther One Knocked Off

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So I got my Creatrix interview done tonight - tomorrow it's RocketBowl... and then a break over the weekend. Yey. Prob have more scheduled for next week by Sunday tho. I think this time last year I might have done like, 2 or 3 interviews - this year I've already done 7 (well, tomorrow it'll be 7). I'm definetly on track to get all 20 teams interviewed before the GDC in March. Poor Dave tho, I'm gonna bury him under interviews [lol]

I can't wait for all this GDC madness to be over so I can get back to programming more. I haven't managed to do much lately. My usual routine this time of year is to wake up, check my mail and run through the messages that need an immediate response, go to work, come home and check the mail again and answer all emails, browse to my daily sites (forums, news sites, etc), get something to eat, come back and do the "days work" (like the newsletter on Monday, for example). Stick interviews in there and the time decreases even more. I'm not complaining... just rationalizing my inability to program lately I guess. Well, program often that is. I still get in a bit here and there. Ah well. So it goes.

Oh yea, here's a pic for all you PCX fans of old:

*sigh*... what a great magazine it was...
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