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Working at Barren Moon

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Well, in the ast two weeks I didn't do much at all for Barren Moon, being busy over my head with some Eternal Lands stuff. Most of it non programming stuff, but still, it takes a lot of time to manage the team, do some customer support stuff, look for bugs, etc.
Now that the update is fine, it's time to focus on the new project. Sadez, one of the BM developers came back recently, and added some new stuff to the BM server, such as the ability to add 2d/3d/particle objects in a map, on the fly. Now he is working at the buddy list, the serverside implementation, which will be shared between Eternal Lands and Barren Moon.
Meanwhile, I will work at the vegetation part, that is having the plants growing, getting ripe, then die. They will also take the resoruces from the ground, while they grow, and give their resources back when they die. Unless you harvest them, in which case they give less resources back to the soil.
The data structures are done, and now that we have the functions to add dynamically 3d objects, I can finally write the appropriate vegetation functions.
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