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Starting Fresh and New

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Well, since becoming a member, I haven't been very contributing except for bugging people for answers. Well now it's my time to try and give back to the community. I bet you are wondering how writing a journal will give back to the community.

Well here's your answer!

I have been kicking around ideas on how to make a fully re-usable MMO architecture (and before you start screaming 'heretic', please read on) that could be used by independent developers and studios to give them a leg up on the competition (and we all know there's a lot of competition). I have finally gotten my ideas in order and will be starting the logical design (actually started two weeks ago) for the MMO Architect system.

So before going into the ideas and what I'll be profiling in my journal, let me give you come background on who I am and what I've done.

Age: 39 (yes, I'm old but I'm good)
Profession: Senior Business Systems Architect
Training: BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry (Phoenix, AZ).
Programming Background: Started professionally in 1995 upon graduation and have worked in the industry (business systems) since.
Languages: VB (all flavors), C++, C#
Interests: I'm here what does that tell you

So you now know I'm not a youngster trying to clone a current MMO. I have background in the computer industry and I love writing systems.

Now for MMO Architect. The system will be designed as a base turnkey system for providing all aspects of a MMO system. We are working on the backend system that support server configuration, customer service, and content management.

While I will not reveal all, I will start off giving base bits of information about each portion of the system as we comeplete it.

MMO Architect backend system will be written on C# with connections available into the most popular database servers. The base client will be written in C++ and written in a generic flavor so support/rollout to Windows, Mac and Linux will be possible.

We are estimating on having a complete working backend system that will support a MMO done within 6 months. After that, the fun starts. We will start designing the generic game server and the generic client with C++ and expect to have a working system (not great, but working with the client, game server and backend system) with the six months following the completion of the backend portion of MMO Architect.

Finally a shameless plug and call out for interested parties.

We are looking for people who would be interested in working with us on the project. If you would like to see more about us, please visit ImagiNet Games and if you like what you've heard, please contact the Admin and let him know.

Thanks and I'll see you next week.
Eric 'Wackatronic' Tomlinson
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Welcome to the team, Eric. Make sure you post all the screenshots you can get of anything development related you do!

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