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Began updating the Golem3D engine today to use vertex buffer objects, and ran into a little hitch. On Windows, the updated engine receives a fairly significant frame-rate increase (~60FPS to ~250FPS, with a 'busy' map and lots of terrain transitions) while on my Linux dev machine I get no speed increase and lots of wierd rendering artifacts and glitches. I suspect a bad driver; call me crazy. [grin] So I went to update to the latest drivers; of course, no preconfigured kernel interfaces are available for my kernel, so I have to build from source. No biggie; install the kernel source package, do a make oldconfig and should be good to go. Bzzzt! Error. WTF? It tells me that the kernel source is not configured to match the current running kernel--which is exactly what make oldconfig is supposed to do...


So I fiddled-farted around with it some, and now I'm in the process of building a new kernel image package. We'll see if that works; and if not, I may have to hurt people. Be warned.
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I've always found that Linux would kick me in the balls when trying to do stuff that I now take way too much for granted. Drivers are the worst! Sometimes I would like to take that little penguin and make hamburger out of him. Good Luck.

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