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My web of spidery fun

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Stephen R


I spent a fair bit of today working on getting the website finished and I did. All the code is in place, all it needs is a once over to polish it up and it'll be good to go. The hardest part wasn't getting the server side working - that was quite straight forward - it was fixing a rendering bug that appeared in IE but not in firefox. I had my code nicely laid out, properly indented and structured. FF just ignores whitespace directly after a tag or before a tag - IE doesn't. Which meant that some parts of my layouts literally started coming apart at the seams. It took me longer to track this html bug down than any other bug on the site.

Tomorrow evening it'll get its spit shine. I doubt I'll get much else done tomorrow though. I'll start getting the game loading the map files. Then I'll be able to test the game on real levels with complicated layout without having to hard code and recompile every time I need to check something.
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